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Customer Service Center

Contact Information

Welcome to Alliance Packaging On-Line Customer Service Center. Please enter your user name and password to sign on. If you have any difficulty getting connected please contact your regular customer service support person.

Review Your Inventory

Need up to date information on your inventory? Here you will find the quantity on hand, planned production, date of the last shipment and date of the next planned shipment. You can retrieve the inventory summary information for any or all your products.

Review Your Order Status

The order summary lists order information.

For each order you can view the quantity ordered, the planned ship date and the expected arrival date. For orders that have been shipped, you can view the actual ship date and quantity. This inquiry offers you the flexibility to select orders for any or all products. Additional options available allow selection by:

  • Purchase Order Number, Invoice Number, Order Number, or Delivery Number
  • Ship Date Range
  • Order Status
For each summary order line you can drill down further to access detailed information on unit price, delivery and invoice status.

Enter an Order

For items that you have approved, you can now enter orders directly. Placing an order is simple and on this page you can enter up to 12 items.